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Why R Webinar - R on AWS

Last week at Why R? Webinars we had Marcin Kosinski who presented a short workshop about R on AWS. The biogram and the link to YouTube and GitHub materials are below.

  • GitHub materials https://github.com/MarcinKosinski/RonAWS
  • webinars http://whyr.pl/webinars/
  • donate http://whyr.pl/donate/

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services. In this talk I will present how to setup environment to run R code for use cases like: big data processing, connection to databases, containerization of products, hosting APIs, running and serving machine learning algorithms. I will describe most information an R user needs to know when starting the journey with AWS and crucial systems that can be useful for a data scientist.

Marcin Kosiński has a master degree in Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis specialty. Challenges seeker and devoted R language enthusiast. In the past, keen on the field of large-scale online learning and various approaches to personalized news article recommendation. Community events host: organizer of Why R? conferences whyr.pl. Interested in R packages development and survival analysis models.