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Last Seats for Why R? 2020 Workshops

Why R? 2020 conference 2020.whyr.pl is happening this week. There are still some last seats for workshops held on Friday Sept 25th/

Register 2020.whyr.pl/register/

Registration for workshops started 2020-09-01. Workshops take place 2020-09-25. They are divided to 2 sessions

  • 09:00 - 12:30 / CEST / GMT+2 - Morning (M)
  • 14:00 - 17:30 / CEST / GMT+2 - Afternoon (A)

During the break McKinsey & Company will host a Discussion Panel

Register 2020.whyr.pl/register/

The symbolic price was put on the workshop ticket so that those who register feel obliged to attend the workshop. Funds will be used to finance ‘Supporting grant for Women in Data Science’ (whyr.pl -> grants) and Why R? pre-meetings in Europe and Africa (whyr.pl -> events).

Title Tutors Seats  
Invited First steps with Continuous Integration Colin Gillespie & Rhian Davis from Jumping Rivers 25 (M)
Invited Bayesian Optimization with mlr3mbo Jakob Richter 25 (M)
Basics of Shiny Weronika Puchała, Krystyna Grzesiak, Katarzyna Sidorczuk 30 (M)
How to make your code fast - R and C++ integration using Rcpp Jadwiga Słowik, Dominik Rafacz, Mateusz Bąkała 30 (M)
Reproductible data analysis with drake Jakub Kwiecień 30 (M)
Recruiting Panel Lessons learned from 500+ interviews for data science jobs McKinsey & Company 1000 (P)
Invited Advanced Shiny Colin Fay from ThinkR 30 (A)
Highlighted Causal machine learning in practice Mateusz Zawisza McKinsey & Company 40 (A)
Creating R Subroutines with Fortran and OpenMP Tools Erin Hodgess 30 (A)
Satellite imagery analysis in R Ewa Grabska 40 (A)