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Why R? Text Mining Hackathon

We just announced the theme for Why R? 2020 Hackathon - Text Mining. You can read some more details about the event on this website 2020.whyr.pl/hackathon/

Submit Teams

If you find the topic interesting, please follow this form whyr.pl/2020/hackathon/register/ to submit your team. We would like participants to gather in teams of 4 or 5. If you don’t yet have a team, please use our whyr.pl/slack/ to find team mates.


You can find more scheduled talks on our YouTube channel youtube.com/WhyRFoundation We will be adding content during upcoming days.

Why R? 2020 Conference

Hackathon promotes Why R? Conference that is planned for 24-27 Sept 2020. All combined urls are gathered below.