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Why R? Webinar - Using R with High Performance Tools on a Windows Laptop

June 11th (8:00pm UTC+2) is a date for next fascinating Webinar at Why R? Foundation. This week we will have a pleasure to host Dr. Erin Hodgess who will present a talk entitled Using R with High Performance Tools on a Windows Laptop.

See you on the Webinar!


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  • channel: youtube.com/WhyRFoundation
  • date: every Thursday 8:00 pm GMT+2
  • format: 45 minutes long talk streamed on YouTube + 10 minutes for Q&A
  • comments: ask questions on YouTube live chat

Abstract of the talk

We will discuss a geostatistics project which uses many of our high performance computing tools. We will be working with Fortran with Message Passing Interface, and OpenACC. We will see how these tools bring about extensive speed up, along with enhanced capabilities. We will show how we can analyze 9 years of daily data from the Irish wind data set in 35 minutes, which includes inverting a 39400 x 39400 matrix. The second part of the talk will discuss how to use these tools, including setup, and some simple examples. We will look at some simple programs in MPI and OpenACC.

About the speaker

Dr. Erin Hodgess is a course instructor at Western Governors University. She teaches mathematics and statistics courses. Prior to this, she taught at the University of Houston – Downtown. Her research interests include time series, geostatistics, and statistical computing.

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