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Why R? 2019 Conference - Registration and Call for Papers Opened

Two editions of Why R? conferences were a great networking success. We gather 200-300 R enthusiasts from Europe during each edition and were able to host more than 25 workshops together. The hunger for a bigger event led us to the 3rd edition!

About the Why R? 2019 conference

We are more than happy to announce that Why R? 2019 Conference will be organized by Why R? Foundation. The third official meeting of Polish R enthusiasts will be held in Warsaw 26-29 September 2019. As the meeting is held in English, we are happy to invite R users from other countries.

Important dates

Abstract submissions are format free, but please do not exceed 400 words and state clearly a chosen call. The abstract submission form is available here: whyr.pl/2019/submit/. One can register for the event under whyr.pl/2019/register/.


Among multiple workshops we are planning to host, the above keynotes have confirmed their talks at Why R? 2019:

  • Jakub Nowosad (Institute of Geoecology and Geoinformation, Adam Mickiewicz University),
  • Steph Locke (Principal Consultant (GBR) Locke Data),
  • Marvin Wright (ranger package, Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology),
  • Sigrid Keydana (Applied Researcher at RStudio, Inc.)


The following events will be hosted during the Why R? 2019 conference:

  • plenary lectures of invited speakers,
  • lightning talks,
  • community/table session,
  • Why R? paRty,
  • session of sponsors,
  • workshops - blocks of several small to mediumsized courses (up to 50 people) for R users at different levels of proficiency.


We are organizing pre-meetings in many European cities to cultivate the R experience of knowledge sharing. You are more than welcome to visit upcoming event and check photos and presentations from previous ones. There are still few meetings that are being organized and are not yet added to the map. If you are interested in co-organizing a Why R? pre-meeting in your city, let us know (under kontakt_at_whyr.pl) and the Why R? Foundation can provide speakers for the venue!

Past events

Why R? 2017 edition, organized in Warsaw, gathered 200 participants. The Facebook reach of the conference page exceeds 15 000 users, with almost 800 subscribers. Our official web page had over 8000 unique visitors and over 12 000 visits in general. To learn more about Why R? 2017 see the conference after movie (https://vimeo.com/239259242).

Why R? 2018 edition, organized in Wroclaw, gathered 250 participants. The aftermovie can be found here