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Why R? 2018 Conf - CfP ends May 25th

We are pleased to announance upcoming Why R? 2018 conference that is going to happen in central-eastern Europe (Poland, Wroclaw) this July (2-5th). It is the last week for the call for papers! Submit your talk here.


More about the conference one can find on the conference website whyr2018.pl and in the previous blog post we’ve prepared Why R? 2018 Conference - Registration and Call for Papers Opened. The general overview


We are organizing pre-meetings in many European cities to cultivate the R experience of knowledge sharing. You are more than welcome to visit upcoming events and check photos and presentations from previous ones. If you are interested in co-organizing a Why R? pre-meeting in your city, let us know (under kontakt_at_whyr.pl) and the Why R? Foundation can provide speakers for the venue!

Past event

Why R? 2017 edition, organized in Warsaw, gathered 200 participants. The Facebook reach of the conference page exceeds 15 000 users, with almost 800 subscribers. Our official web page had over 8000 unique visitors and over 12 000 visits in general. To learn more about Why R? 2017 see the conference after movie (https://vimeo.com/239259242).

Why R? 2017 Conference from Kinema Indigo on Vimeo.